What is a difference between Pro and Community version?

DepBuilder Pro version is an extension of the Community version and contains additional features, such as: automatic parallel builds and build throttling.

For a complete set of features for each version, see Features page.

Which Jenkins version is the DepBuilder supporting?

DepBuilder was developed for the Jenkins 2.235.1 and should be working up to the latest Jenkins version (2.273).

It is possible that the DepBuilder works even on the earlier versions (pre 2.235.1), but they are not officially supported.

Do I have to rewrite all the existing build jobs to be able to use this plugin?

No, your existing build jobs do not have to change. The DepBuilder is a plugin that simplifies the creation of a large build pipeline that consists of your existing build jobs.

Why would I use DepBuilder instead of the Jenkins Pipeline?

It’s easier to use, errors, typos, missing build agents and other problems are caught while you type (or in the case of SCM they are caught before the build runs), so you are free to refactor your build pipeline without the fear of breaking anything late into the build process.

If you are using the DepBuilder Pro version, your build automatically runs faster due to the parallel build feature. With Jenkins Pipeline you have to declare the sections that can run in parallel on your own. As your build pipeline grows, figuring out which sections of the pipeline could become parallel becomes unwieldy.

You also don’t have to chose one over the other. DepBuilder plays nice with other plugins and you can pick both depending on their strengths and weaknesses: DepBuilder is easier to use while the Jenkins Pipeline is more flexible.

If my Pro license expires, will my build pipeline stop working?

No. If your Pro license has expired your build pipeline will continue working but with the DepBuilder Community set of features. Make sure to check Features for the difference between Pro and Community version.

Where can I report a bug or suggest a new feature?

You can open up a new issue on the https://github.com/jenkinsci/depbuilder-plugin page.

Where can I find a documentation for an older version of the plugin?

Where can I buy the DepBuilder Pro version?

You can find more info about pricing on the DepBuilder product page: https://www.royalsloth.eu/products/depbuilder/.