DepBuilder Documentation

DepBuilder is a Jenkins plugin used for building complex projects with a lot of dependencies that should be built in the specific order.

Example: Say we have 4 jobs (A, B, C, D) which we would like to build in a specific order. The build itself shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes and the job C should be built on a Windows machine.

Initial definition of the build order. Jobs A, B should be built before C and job C should be built before job D.

With the DepBuilder plugin we could define such build pipeline with the following script:

    maxDuration: 00:20

C {
    agent: [windows_runner]

A -> C
B -> C
C -> D

After building the pipeline, you should be able to see a similar build graph to the one below:

Build graph of the successful build

For more information about the DepBuilder, see also the rest of the documentation starting with Introduction page.


If you are looking for a documentation of a different DepBuilder version, please check the page.